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Our mission is to unite students with Greek or Cypriot heritage from Georgia Tech together into one organization. We wish to preserve and spread the Greek and Cypriot culture to not only other fellow Hellenic students, but also other students and teachers that want to learn about our traditions, history and culture. We host events throughout the year that range from coffee gatherings to dance performances and greek movie nights.


Georges Pavlidis



Random Name

Dimitrios Kotinis

Vice President


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Danae Argyropoulou

Social Chair


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Elsa Perakis



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Despina Pavlidis



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Previous Committees

2015-2016 2014-2015 2013-2014 2012-2013
President Ioannis Kimionis Michael Evzonas George Chrysochos Spyros Zafeiropoulos
Vice President Sofia Niarchos George Chrysochos Sofia Niarchos Evangelos Polymeneas
Social Chair Pavlos Charalambides Sofia Niarchos Olivia Patronis Vangelis Palinginis
Treasurer Dimitris Patronis Dimitris Kotinis Dimitris Kotinis Alex Alexandrou
Secretary Georges Pavlidis John Kimionis Evangelia Spiliopoulou Spyros Pavlidis


Some of our most recent Events!

Oxi Day 2016

Intramurals 2017

March 2017

We participated in the Basketball Intramurals and got 1st place in the Graduates League!

Plaka Party

Plaka Party

February 2017

In February we partnered with 2 other organizations and had another Plaka Party at the Opera Nightclub!


Vasilopita 2017

January 2017

This year we had homemade vasilopita and coffee to celebrate the beginning of the new semester. Catching up after winter break was great!


Greek Dancing at Night Market

November 2016

Hellenic Society performed Greek Dances at the Night Market hosted by the International Ambassadors.

Oxi Day 2016

Oxi Day 2016

October 2016

On October 28th we celebrated Oxi Day by having a greek frappe event. We got a table on Skiles Walkway and made frappe for everyone! Students and faculty got to mingle and non-greek students got to learn waht frappe is.

Kickoff Event 2016

Kickoff Event 2016

September 2016

As we do every year, we all gathered on campus, grabbed some pizza and talked about plans for the semester!

Admissions Info

If you want more info about admissions at Georgia Tech check out this pdf: GT Admissions. If you have any other

questions feel free to email us or message us on our facebook page!

Educational Trip 2017

Applications for 2017 are currently closed. Stay tuned for more info on what happened at EduTrip 2017.

Check out more here: EduTrip.


Questions? Contact us!

Atlanta, GA
Email: hellas@gatech.edu