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Our mission is to unite students with Greek or Cypriot heritage from Georgia Tech together into one organization. We wish to preserve and spread the Greek and Cypriot culture to not only other fellow Hellenic students, but also other students and teachers that want to learn about our traditions, history and culture. We host events throughout the year that range from coffee gatherings to dance performances and greek movie nights.


President Vice President Social Chair Treasurer Secretary
2020-2021 Thaleia Dimitra Doudali Christina Paris Sofia Vainikos Athina Bellonia Vasiliki Frantzis
2019-2020 Despina Pavlidis Christina Paris Thaleia Dimitra Doudali Athina Bellonia Vasiliki Frantzis
2018-2019 Elsa Perakis Thaleia Dimitra Doudali Danae Argyropulou Despina Pavlidis Eva Kallou
2017-2018 Dimitris Kotinis Elsa Perakis Danae Argyropulou Despina Pavlidis Thaleia Dimitra Doudali
2016-2017 Georges Pavlidis Dimitris Kotinis Danae Argyropulou Elsa Perakis Despina Pavlidis
2015-2016 Ioannis Kimionis Sofia Niarchos Pavlos Charalambides Dimitris Patronis Georges Pavlidis
2014-2015 Michael Evzonas George Chrysochos Sofia Niarchos Dimitris Kotinis John Kimionis
2013-2014 George Chrysochos Sofia Niarchos Olivia Patronis Dimitris Kotinis Evangelia Spiliopoulou
2012-2013 Spyros Zafeiropoulos Evangelos Polymeneas Vangelis Palinginis Alex Alexandrou Spyros Pavlidis

Online Events

Panel Discussion on Aerospace Engineering

Link to Video Recording

Panel Discussion on "How to Navigate the US Job Market"

Link to Video Recording

Admissions Info

If you want more info about admissions at Georgia Tech check out this pdf: GT Admissions.
If you have any otherquestions feel free to contact us.

Educational Trip

We are an active university host for the Educational Trip program.
Check out more here: EduTrip.
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